Gold Medal and Best Label Design for Bajosol 0|0 at Sakura 2019

For the third consecutive year, Bajosol 0|0 receives a Gold Medal and Best Label Design Award at the Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Awards, the trend-setting wine competition in Japan. BAJOSOL 0|0 is a Pedro Ximénez dessert wine made by Bodegas Robles expressly for the Asian market, has been recognized with Gold Medal and Best Label Design Medal

The season when cherry blossoms, known as sakura in Japan, is one of the most beautiful seasons in Japan. During this time, you can see lots of wine bottles with sakura stickers in department stores, supermarkets and wine shops across Japan, which is to promote the winning wines of SAKURA Japan Women’s Wine Awards.

SAKURA Japan Women’s Wine Awards is a very unique and international wine competition in Japan as all the judges are women. Wine consumption in Japan has tripled in the past 20 years, with women driving the market.

SAKURA Awards started in 2014 in order to achieve three goals: first, to contribute to stimulate the wine market in Japan; second, to make good wines that are compatible with homemade Japanese meals; and third, to increase opportunities for women to work in the wine industry. The competition has clearly defined objectives, wanting to speak directly to Japanese women who are increasingly interested in enjoying and learning about quality wines available in the market

The jury of this edition is composed of 530 women wine specialists: representatives of wineries in Japan, sommeliers, journalists, educators, buyers and opinion leaders in the wine sector in Japan. This jury has tasted, for five days, 4,342 wines from 33 countries.

Japan discovers bajoflor

Bajoflor y Bajosol de Bodegas Robles

Bajoflor y Bajosol de Bodegas Robles. / Luis Muñoz

Japan discovers Bajoflor is a project that aims to redefine generoso wines for their better understanding in Asian culture, especially Japan. For this, Bodegas Robles, Ohayō and Estudio Pablo Gallego have worked on the creation of a new wine coding and a more understandable packaging, finding surprising common spaces between flor wines (generoso wines) and Asian cuisine.

The result of this work has been the creation of two product ranges.

Bajoflor includes the traditional Fino, Amontillado and Oloroso wines and their derivatives: jellies and wine reductions.

Bajosol includes dessert wines made with Pedro Ximénez grapes that, after harvest, are exposed to the sun and turned by hand every day until they become raisins. This range incorporates the traditional Pedro Ximénez wine and its derivatives: jellies, reductions and marmalade.



Bajoflor Coding

Bajoflor Coding. / Pablo Gallego


A two-digit coding has been created.

  • The first figure refers to the number of years that a wine has aged under a layer of yeasts which make up the veil of flor (biological ageing).
  • The second figure refers to the number of years that the wine has aged under an oxidative process, exposed to air.

This coding contains the Fino wines (exclusively biological aging), the Oloroso wines (exclusively oxidative aging) and the Amontillados wines (biological and oxidative aging).

Some examples:
Bajoflor 2|0 would traditionally be known as a Fino wine that has aged under flor for two years.

Bajoflor 4|0 would traditionally be known as a Fino wine that has aged under flor for four years.

Bajoflor 5|3 would traditionally be known as an Amontillado wine that has aged under flor for five years and has also undergo three years of oxidative aging.

Bajoflor 0|6 would traditionally be known as an Oloroso wine that has undergo six years of oxidative aging.

Bajosol 0|0 would traditionally be known as a Pedro Ximénez wine without aging in wood.


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