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When a busi­ness stops crea­ting, it dies. when a busi­ness stops crea­ting cul­ture, it dies. busi­ness cul­tu­res are not crea­ted, they are re-created. busi­ness cul­tu­res are not crea­ted, they are co-created. without colla­bo­ra­tion, there is no crea­tion. Hugh MacLeod.



International digital marketing action plan to improve the winery’s positioning in the German market.

Xpande Digital Program of the Chamber of Commerce of Cordoba.
February-August 2020.


Bodegas Robles has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund, which aims to achieve a more competitive business environment. Thanks to this program we are developing an action plan in international digital marketing to improve the positioning of the winery in the German market. This action will take place over the course of six months in the year 2020. To do so, it has the support of the Xpande Digital Program of the Chamber of Commerce of Córdoba.


Organic Brut Nature production with the Pedro Ximénez grape variety.

Instituto Andaluz de Investigación y Formación Agraria, Pesquera, Alimentaria y de la Producción Ecológica (IFAPA).

The production of the first organic Brut Nature wine from Pedro Ximénez grapes is the result of the collaboration agreement signed between Bodegas Robles and the Andalusian Institute for Research and Training in Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Organic Production (IFAPA) for the development of new products from the Pedro Ximénez grape. This agreement is part of the Project of Transference and Cooperation in Andalusian Vitiviniculture (TRANSVITI) financed to 80% with FEDER funds and is coordinated by the Doctor Pilar Ramírez Pérez of the IFAPA of Cabra, in which also participate the Center IFAPA Rancho de la Merced and the Center IFAPA of Malaga.


Photovoltaic self-consumption in Bodegas Robles.

Empresa de Energías Renovables y Eficiencia. Enerdós.

Implementation of a photovoltaic installation for self-consumption that allows Bodegas Robles to generate a power of 20 kw, approximately 83% of the energy it consumes. This avoids the emission of 13,100 kilograms of CO2 into the atmosphere per year, equivalent to the planting of 267.90 new trees.


Rediscovery of the agraz-verjus “Andalusian recipe”.

Noor gastronomic space.

Two years of intense work in the library, kitchen and vineyard have allowed Bodegas Robles and two Michelin starred chef Paco Morales to recover flavors lost in memory. The agraz-verjus Paco Morales is a delicate and perfumed dressing of the Andalusian cuisine recreated in the Noor gastronomic space from the juice squeezed from the sour grapes of the organic vineyard of the Robles family in Montilla. A few days before veraison, Bodegas Robles carries out an early harvest and follows a fermentation process that will transfer to the agraz-verjus its acidic character and the aromatic properties of the sour grapes.


Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions,which occur when
using labotelladevino (the wine bottle) of Bodegas Robles.

Juan Antonio Polo Palomino, CO2 CONSULTING.
Diciembre 2012.

Comparative study of seven Life Cycle Analysis reports of many other functional wine units. The wines considered include white wines without ageing, white wines with ageing, red wines and Pedro Ximénez wines. Research has been undertaken by CO2 consulting using primary data, and complying with the requirements stipulated in the ISO 14044 and PAS 2050 Standards.

All studies have been verified by independent third parties. The comparative analysis shows that packaging represents in average terms by 51.43% of the total carbon footprint, whilst distribution represents a 5.05%.. In this fashion it can be established that the emissions prevented due to the concept of botelladelvino (the wine bottle) represent emission savings on average terms of 500.83 g of CO2 eq/litre of wine.



Carbon footprint of agricultural food products.

AFHA Consultores and DNV. Research promoted by the Association of Organic Products of Andalusia (EPEA), with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Government of Andalusia.
October 2009.


Presentation in BIOCÓRDOBA of the first pilot programme of the carbon footprint of the agricultural food products evaluation system, in order to evaluate and quantify GHG emissions which are produced throughout the product life-cycle, from the acquisition of the materials necessary for their production, to its management as waste once consumed..

A study carried out in three organic agricultural food companies: AGRIECO (fruits and vegetables), BODEGAS ROBLES (wines and vinegars) and ALCUBILLA 2000 (oil)




Cultivation of the grape: Good practices in organic production.

Roberto García Trujillo, Inocencio Mudarra Prieto, Ministry for the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs.

General considerations on the vineyard managed under an organic farming system. Comments as regards the increase of biodiversity, pests, diseases, weed control, best practices in harvesting etc. Bodegas Robles was one of the locations selected to carry out the field work.


The organic vineyard.

Roberto García Trujillo, Inocencio Mudarra Prieto, Government of Andalusia.

General considerations on the vineyard managed under an organic farming system. Comments as regards the increase of biodiversity, pests, diseases, weed control, best practices in harvesting etc. Bodegas Robles was one of the locations selected to carry out the field work.


Study of the influence of the vegetation cover on a organic vineyard crop.

Bodegas Robles and the Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Soil Science and Oenology of the University of Cordoba.


Todos los textos e imágenes de esta web están compartidos bajo licencia CC BY 3.0. Bodegas Robles. Todo nuestro esfuerzo ha sido en vino.

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