Velor de flor

En rama wine

Wine at its most delicate


“En Rama” is the wine that we extract directly from the barrel, without clarification or stabilisation and minimal filtering.

It is the wine in its most delicate state, with all the colour, body and aromas provided by the velo de flor, a naturally occurring layer of yeast cells that lives on the surface of the wine, inside the barrels. Our cellar master knows how to keep it permanently alive.

The wines of Bodegas Robles ferment using the native yeasts that live in our vineyard and arrive at the winery on the skins of the grapes. This is why the care of our vineyard is so important: it is a yeast nursery and is ultimately responsible for ensuring that our wines express their identity.

The intriguing “Solera” ageing system mixes very old wines with younger wines thus mothering the young wines. An unique experience of maturity and freshness.

The extraction of the wine – the saca – is carried out with the utmost care from the middle of each barrel, thus ensuring minimal disturbance of the flor –layer of yeasts.

Very limited quantities to maintain the flor of the solera.

The most expressive wine ever.

Wines that belong to their terroir


En rama Patachula

Fino made from 100 % Pedro Ximénez grapes, aged organically and aged for at least 4 years in American oak barrels following the Solera and Criaderas system. Fino with character, fermented with native yeasts, without clarification or stabilisation and minimal filtering. A wine that belongs to its terroir.

Pale yellow colour with golden hues. Very intense nose, aromas of yeasts, ripe apples and freshness. Very persistent on the palate with an aftertaste of toast and flower veil.

velo de flor
Velo de flor
Viñedo Villargallegos Santaella

The native yeasts that live in our barrels

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