At Bodegas Robles, we take pride in rescuing and celebrating the winemaking traditions that have enriched our culture over the centuries. That is why we present with special enthusiasm our agraz-verjuice, a condiment widely used in Rome and the Middle Ages, now recovered to revive a historical flavor in contemporary cuisine.

Traditional elaboration
Our agraz-verjuice is made from unripe grapes, carefully pressed and fermented to obtain a seasoning with refined acidity and distinctive flavor. Following traditional methods, this condiment shares the acidic essence of the wine, with malic and tartaric acids predominating. This characteristic makes it the perfect choice for meals accompanied with wine, as it enhances the flavors without competing with them.

Harvesting at the right time
The magic of agraz- verjuice begins in the vineyard, just days before veraison, that prodigious moment when the grapes turn from green to yellow. The selection of grapes for our agraz- verjuice is done with meticulous attention to detail: Choosing grapes at their exact point of immaturity is crucial to capture a high level of acidity and the fullness of their aromatic properties.

Perfect harmony at the table
Our agraz-verjuice is the perfect choice for those who want to add a note of flavor without altering the essence of the food or the bouquet of the chosen wine. This seasoning, in which aromatic plants and spices can be macerated, can be used in vegetable recipes, marinades, meat and fish stews. It enhances the flavor of any type of soup or stew, particularly those using red meats. If you like to combine fruit and meat, agraz-verjuice is particularly suitable: in a lamb stew with mint and peaches, for example, agraz-verjuice brings out the aromas in a way that lemon juice or vinegar simply cannot. In desserts, an agraz-verjus reduction brings freshness without increasing sweetness.

Reimagining ancestral flavors
Our agraz- verjuice is not just a dressing; it is a declaration of principles, a tribute to an almost forgotten ingredient that today is once again taking its place in haute cuisine. This liquid madness is capable of complementing and enhancing the flavors of the main course, offering a more subtle and harmonious alternative to common vinegars or citrus juices. A gastronomic experience that connects the present with the flavors of the past.


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