Oh! New wine | 750 ml

Oh! New wine | 750 ml


Robles presents the purest expression of the Pedro Ximénez grape and the harvest of the year. A new wine that preserves the natural carbonic of its fermentation, the freshness of its hints of sour apple and fresh pear, and the alcoholic lightness of only 10 degrees. The wonder of fresh grapes… Oh!

Appearance: Bright, pale yellow with greenish glints reflecting its freshness.

Nose: Intense aromas that evoke fresh pear, sour apple and the unmistakable apple jelly on the nose. An aromatic journey that takes us back to the vineyards of Montilla-Moriles.

Palate: Fresh sensations on the palate, thanks to an acidity that refreshes and revitalises. Light on the palate due to its low alcohol content.

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