Piedra Luenga Oloroso Vinegar

Piedra Luenga Oloroso Vinegar


Organic traditional vinegar, wood aged, preservative-free and full of flavour.

Made from our oxidatively aged generosos wines according to the Solera method.


Our vision is to make vinegar in the most natural way possible. Natural fermentation takes two summers, but the industry does it in 120 minutes.

Our organic vinegars are the result of a research project carried out jointly by the winery and The Andalusian Institute of Agricultural and Fisheries Research and Training (IFAPA), where special attention was given to its aging and the aging process that it manages to respect with faithfulness the character of the wine from which it comes. This project started in 2009 and in 2011 we obtain our first organic vinegars.


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Notas de cata

Subtle mahogany colour with amber, clean and very bright tones. Sweet aromas of ripe fruit with hints of aging. Pleasant and balanced on the palate.


Its deep flavour and its full bouquet of aromas with hints of almonds and hazelnuts imbue that special touch to elaborations of vinaigrettes, sauces, soups, salads, marinated dishes and marinades.




12 units


Vinavin Silver 2018

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