Piedra Luenga Amontillado | 500 ml – en

Piedra Luenga Amontillado | 500 ml – en


Amontillado organic wine. This wine initially starts as a fino: During five years the wine ages under a “veil of flor”, responsible for the biological character and finesse of the wine. Later, the “flor” dies off and the wine continues to age under an oxidative process during three more years, exposed to air, just like an Oloroso wine. This stage is crucial in order for the wine to integrate the different aromas and to gain in concentration, depth and length.

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Vejez promedio

8 Years


Pedro Ximénez

Denominación de Origen



Excellent as an aperitif and as an accompaniment to fresh and complex dishes such as cod and orange salad. It can be served with cheese spreads, trout, seafood and fish in general.

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