Pedro Ximénez Selección de Robles 1927, forth best wine in the world.

Pedro Ximénez Selección de Robles 1927 has been named the 4th best wine in the world according to the WAWWJ 2015 ranking. The annual listing by the World Association of Wine Writers and Journalists ranks wines and wineries according to the awards they have won in the world’s most prestigious wine competitions.

PX Selección de Robles 1927 has obtained 258.25 points in this classification:

Top 100 wines in the world 2015

Pedro Ximénez selección de Robles 1927

Raisin wine produced under a 1927-year solera system.

Pedro Ximenez Selección de Robles 1927 comes from the Pedro Ximénez grapes which after harvest are turned daily by hand in the sunshine until they become raisins. Their juice becomes a wine reminiscent of cherry tree resin and quince with subtle aromas of honey and fig and an elegant touch to citrus fruits.

Bodegas Robles is one of the few wineries in the world that still own their own paseras, a place in the vineyard with a gentle slope where we take special care that the sun drying is regular and homogeneous, turning the grape bunches by hand. This allows us to take extreme care in what is considered the last artisan work of the field in Andalusia.

Aged in oak barrels according to the the intriguing “solera” system which allow us to produce a very old wine of solera 1927 which is tapped and slightly refreshed each year with younger wines. A unique experience that produces an elegant wine with a very complex aftertaste with memories of chocolate, roasted toffees, peppers and menthols.

How Pedro Ximénez wine is produced in Bodegas Robles


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