Next February 28 will take place at the Teatro Garnelo in Montilla, the presentation of Tiempo, the new show of the bailaora María del Mar Berlanga.

The show is sponsored by the Ayuntamiento de Montilla, Bodegas Robles and the fashion firm Horse Time.

María del Mar Berlanga. / Teatro Garnelo in Montilla

María del Mar Berlanga. / Teatro Garnelo in Montilla


At the beginning of the nineteenth century flamenco was not as we know it today, the influences of Andalusian music, the mixtures of different cultures found in Andalusia are forming what we know today by flamenco

At that time the bailaoras were both cantaoras and the use that they made of the really admirable castanets, instrument that used in all the dances. The singers were accompanying each other with their hands on a table, their voices having records that brushed the clouds, rarely accompanied the dance. The guitarists musically progressed from the Andalusian style, to the very flamenco.

At the beginning of the twentieth century is when the bases of dances, cantes and guitar are created as we know them today.

My show “Tiempo” was born from the respect, admiration and gratitude of all artists from the end of the 19th century to the present day.

I want to pay homage to those masters of the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Inspired by the compositions of Manuel de Falla, Granados, the guitarist Julián Arcas -creator of Solea-, the dance of the Argentinita and Carmen Amaya, the cante of Manuel Vallejo, the Niña de los Peines and cantes rescued by Antonio Mairena.

Being the reflection of our masters, I arrive to our days, where I show the evolution of the present generations as we contribute our ways of understanding so important legacy.

María del Mar Berlanga Fernández.
National Flamenco Award.


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